Evening Course

South Central Evening Courses: 2016/17

Designed for anyone who wants to get to know the Bible better, these courses seek to equip us to be more faithful and useful servants of our Lord.

  • Bible Overview (Oct-Dec)

Trace the thrilling story of salvation from the Garden of Eden to the new heavens and the new earth in Revelation, and learn how the different parts of the Bible fit together, and are understood in light of the whole.

  • Truths to live by - The Cross (Jan-Mar)

We know that the cross is central to the Christian faith, but how does Christ’s work affect how we view ourselves, our sin, our growth in holiness and our relationships? Come and deepen our understanding and delight in Christ’s work for us.

  • Teaching the Bible (Apr-Jun)

For Bible study leaders, children’s/youth leaders and indeed anyone who wants to be better at ministering God’s word to others, these applied sessions will look at the principles and practice of teaching the Bible. [This will be a repeat of the course from 2016, though with different worked examples.]


Courses are 5 weeks long and run fortnightly:

  • Monday – St Andrew’s Church, Oxford (for full dates and times click link on right)
  • Tuesday – Carey Baptist Church Centre, Reading (for full dates and times click link on right)
***Watch this space for other possible locations!***

Cost: £35 per course (£25 for those who work for a church or Christian organisation) / £85 for the year